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Don’t Give Up Your Day Job is a podcast series developed by Bobby Kennedy and Danny McCrum.

The idea of this podcast is to give people an insight into the real workings of the careers of creative professionals. The fact is creative professionals are fascinating characters who have had to work very hard and overcome many personal and professional obstacles. They are dedicated, multi-talented people who make great sacrifices and take great risks and we think this is worth celebrating.

So join us as we chat to musicians, producers, actors, artists, engineers and others about their professional and personal stories.


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EPISODE #24 Monique Powell

Today our guest is Monique Powell from US band Save Ferris. Most known for their hit single Come On Eileen, we discuss how they got started, the resurgence of the band, their upcoming EP and the time Conan growled affectionately in her ear. There’s even a brief guest appearance by John Avila from Oingo Boingo. Get on it!

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